Q: Does The Ground Up Deliver?

A: Yes, we deliver in bulk and flatbed.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: Delivery fees vary depending on the distance to the job site or home. 


Q: Does The Ground Up require I purchase a minimum amount of product in order to get a delivery done?

A: Great question!! The answer is yes,  minimum amounts vary based on product ordered.


Q: Does The Ground Up do landscape installations?

A: No, we make the products and landscapers purchase from us.

The good news is we can give you countless contractors that will surely be a good fit for you.


Q: Can you unload the product in my backyard?

A: The driver will unload on a paved/solid & stable surface.

99% of the time the deliveries will be unloaded on the driveway or if allowed on the street.


Q: Can you deliver stone or gravels?

A: Yes, we can deliver palletized stone and bulk gravels.

Palletized stone requires a flatbed and forklift and bulk gravels can be delivered on a tandem dump truck.

We suggest you visit us to look at the products prior to delivery as all stone & gravel sales are final.


Q: Is TGU a Retail Nursery?

A: TGU is primarily a wholesale nursery but we are open to retail at TGU Richmond every operating day and on Saturday at our Brittmoore location. Unlike Retail nurseries that have plenty staff to assist you, we have limited staff and the priority is service contractors. If time allows we love to assist you, but, please know our wholesale clients do receive service priority.


Q: Do you have any additional charges when picking up small amounts?

A: As of 6/6/2018 we do not charge additional fees. NOTE: Surcharges may change without notice.


Q: Is your product consistent and always the same?

A: Our products are consistent but not always the same. Products may have different moisture contents depending on the season, amount of precipitation, atmosphere conditions. Our products may also differ based on the intake of C:N. Gravels may also differ based on where the product is mined from and natural stone will also have color variations depending on the layers of product extracted from the ground.


Q: Can you advise me on how to use TGU products?

A: We are happy to make suggestions on how to use TGU products. However, our staff will only make suggestions.

We highly recommend you contact a landscaping professional for technical questions.


Q: What methods of payment are accepted for deliveries?

A: We accept Amex, Visa & MC. We also accept Cash (exact change is required). Checks are NOT accepted during deliveries.


If there is something you'd like answered, please contact the nearest office or send an email to