We started The Ground Up in 2010 with the sole purpose of supplying the industry with the finest quality mulches and soils. As time evolved, so did the TGU concept.

Today we are the largest manufacturer of top quality mulches, soils and compost in Houston, TX. Our manufacturing philosophy is to produce the greatest performing product at a market competitive price. Additionally, we operate wholesale nurseries and a state of the art packaging facility where our mulches, soils, and compost are bagged under 'The Seasons' and ‘My’ Compost and Soils brand. 

In late 2017 we discontinued our TGU Beyond Organic product line and will be releasing a new packaged line in mid 2018.


TGU is made up of Professionals who are passionate about the industry , our products and providing optimum customer care. We have buyers who can source just about anything you are looking for. We have blending operators who can blend boutique soils for special applications and we have staff who will cater all your product needs for landscaping installations. Our sales team is knowledgeable and customer-centric, they believe in delivering the highest level of service each and every time. We come from multiple backgrounds, but share one thing in common, our enthusiasm for TGU and passion for our industry. 


The TGU Mission Statement 


M anufacture and supply contractors, IGCs, Municipalities & Homeowners with AWESOME Landscape products.

U se green vegetative waste to compost and create our Mulches & Soils. We keep thousands of tons of green waste out of landfills.

L ink professionals with the green industry and their fields of expertise.

C ater to plant enthusiast, co-ops, small scale farming, DIY’s and many more segments.

H arvest success by under promising and over delivering!