#TGULab No. 1 - Expanded Shale H2O rentention

We placed a cup of water and a cup of expanded shale side by side. At 2:34pm on March 14th 2018, we poured the cup of water into the cup containing expanded shale. 17 hours later we drained the cup and poured water back into the original cup.

The test showed Expanded Shale retained half the water poured into the cup.

The benefits of ES are many and include and not limited to:

  1. increases hydraulic conductivity
  2. retains moisture
  3. help loosen compacted clay soils
  4. can be mixed and blended with compost and soils to make planting media
  5. can be used as gravel and as a road base

Sold in Bulk and Supersack. Individual 1/2cuft bags coming soon.